Become a Superhero in Singapore with this Fun CSR Event

/ / Become a Superhero in Singapore with this Fun CSR Event

Put on your costume, mask, and cape and become a superhero, helping the locals around Singapore. This is a fun and colourful CSR team building event you’ll never forget as you fly around Singapore (super powers permitting) helping those in need.

You’ve all dreamed of becoming a superhero and now’s your chance! This fun CSR corporate social responsibility event may be fun but it has a purpose. To venture around Singapore and help as many people as possible.

Let us you become a real superheroes. Sorry, we don’t have any poisonous spiders to bite you or green toxic sludge to dump you in.

But, we have something better. We can’t promise you super human strength or the ability to shoot lasers from your eyes, but we can help you and your team become heroes in your community.

Superhero CSR Costumes

Of course, you’re going to need a colourful costume as a disguise. This is where we’re going to help you. Each team will get their own set of distinctive colours, including a CSR logo to conceal your identity.

Armed with a set of challenges, your teams then escort their superhero to the designated locations around Singapore.

It’s then up to each team to make their mark on the local Singaporean community.

You can’t leap over tall buildings or bend steel with your bare hands but you can support local workers, help the elderly and rescue that lost dog.

You don’t need superpowers for whoever you become, bet we’re sure you’ll never be forgotten!

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Quotations are inclusive of:

Prices quoted include your costume, prize for the winning team, photographer, facilitators, MC, and all associated materials. A meeting room may be required for the start and end of this fun event.