Innovative Team Building Workshops
Online Team Building Webinars

Let us take you to the next level from physical to online team building within your office!

As Easy as learning ABC
Professional Online Team Building Events

Reduce the overall cost of team building events such as traveling, hotels, meeting rooms etc

Learning Through Play
Our Latest Virtual Training Sessions

Team Building activities without the expenses of travel, delivering events wherever you are!

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Let's Re-Examine Your Organisation’s Event Strategy

Create High Performing Teams While Working Remotely

Training Webinars

We'll provide all the guidance you need to build a successful event business

Global Access

Connect with other team building event organisations with global support

Online Content

We'll provide you with a professional website and tools tailored to your local area

Low Cost

Our events franchise organisation is a guaranteed investment for your future

Are You Interested in a Team Building Event Webinar?

If you are then this is for you!

Not sure yet?

Here are some more benefits of an Online event Webinar with Excel Solutions Asia

  • Professional webinars from an established company (Hey, that’s us!)
  • Great way to get to know those around you without leaving the office
  • Reduce overall costs such as traveling, hotels, meeting rooms etc.
  • Multiple participants can train together by viewing the webinar at a single location
  • Straightforward presentations with slideshows or screen content
  • Training from a successful event organiser
  • An alternate way to have FUN! (That’s what we’re all about)
  • Your company can attend the webinar from anywhere Worldwide
  • Ideal for those who are uncomfortable in large public groups
  • Extremely low costs compared to all our other events
  • Our Webinars will give your online team building a truly professional feel

Ket Features of our Event Webinars

Starting, booking and sharing team building webinars

  • Perfectly built in software to connect to all devices
  • Connect and share wirelessly with the click of a button
  • Easily join team building webinars with video and audio
  • Powerful built in security for disruption free webinars

Are You Ready for Our Webinar?

  • Contact us for more information
  • Submit our event request application form
  • Schedule a meeting with our event consultant
  • Choose from a selection of our event webinar activities
  • Install the FREE software!
  • Let's begin!