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Sing, play and get into the rhythm with this music team building Singapore workshop. Our Singapore musical activities create harmony while teams perform their favourite songs from pop to rock n roll. Perhaps even an opera or two! This can be an indoor or outdoor team building event in which everyone is engaged in creating their own sounds.

Sing and dance with your colleagues side by side and who knows, your corporate team songs could become the next big hit.

Event Duration: 4-5 hours (could be a full day)
Group Size: 50 persons to over 200+
Location: Anywhere across Singapore
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Don’t forget to create a cool name for your new band. After all, a band isn’t a band unless you have one.

Get into the Rhythm is a Workshop Set out in Several Stages

Stage 1: Select a style and creatively come up with a new song
Stage 2: Allocate roles to your team members, write, rehearse, and prepare your music.
Stage 3: Learn to play instruments or perhaps add a few of your own
Stage 4: Perform in front of your peers and get votes for best band and performance

Music Team Building Activities Singapore

There are various kinds of workshops in the musical event including, busking to a like audience, lip syncing, creating a musical video and performing live on stage.

Lip syncing has become very popular as teams practice their moves and dance routines, until it’s time for the big performance. Put on some trendy clothes, grab a microphone, and entertain your audience.

Music Team Building – Instruments

You can even add some weird instruments such as tin cans, balloons bongos or glass jars filled with water.

Music Team Building Ukuleles

If your budget permits we can even provide each team with their own ukulele. Once the basic notes and chords have been learned by your team members, putting them altogether simply requires a little co-ordination.

Did we forget to mention you can take the ukuleles home with you after the event.

You can be assured that this fun musical, is extremely entertaining, and energetic. Perhaps at the end of this fun event, many of you will learn how to sing beautifully!

Quotations are inclusive of:

Microphone props, choice of songs, and assistance with fancy dress. MC, facilitators, and all associated materials and design. An experienced dance coach is optional which is dependent on your budget including ukuleles.