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Teams create, cast, shoot, direct and produce their fun movies all on an iPad. This fun, movie making Singapore, event ends with an Oscar film awards ceremony. Hollywood style of course.

Heavily focused on creativity, this Singapore team building event is based on the filmmaking industry, challenging each team to produce a short 2 minute movie.

Event Duration: We suggest around 4-5 hours or a full day event.
Group Size: Minimum 25 persons to over 100+ (dependent on your budget).
Location: Anywhere across Singapore although you will need an indoor location.
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and creativity.

Shooting your Movie on iPads

The fun part is shooting the actual movie! Teams venture outdoors armed with iPads – provided by us of course.

We also give you plenty of colourful props such as: wigs, masks, hats etc to help build you character and add even more fun to the event.

**Did we forget to mention you can take the props home with you at the end of the day**

Editing your Movie on iPads

At the end of the shooting teams return to edit their movies. With a little guidance from us of course. It’s a lot easier than you can imagine with simple editors such as iMovie or LumaFusion

Screening your Movies

We show each move on the big screen upon completion. Your organisation or hotel will need to set up the sound system, screen and projector. For small groups an LCD tv works fine.

Oscar Film Awards

Finally this fun events with an Oscar style, prestigious film awards ceremony. These awards go to the best actor, best actress, best director, and best the producer.

From the beginning to the end we will provide tips and tricks to include shooting, acting, editing and more. 

Quotations are inclusive of:

iPads, editing software, movie props, prize for best actor, best actress, best director, consultants, MC, professional photographer and all associated materials and design.

Movie Making Team Building Thailand – this popular team building event was first delivered on camcorders in Bangkok almost 15 years ago. It has become one of our most popular indoor/outdoor events.