Hospitality English Language Training

Providing the necessary training to improve effective communication


Hospitality English!

Improve customer service

Providing the necessary training to improve effective communication


Faced with real life situations our courses will help you improve your communication within your organization.

Although developed around the hotel industry our courses can be tailored to any organization including banks, restaurants, offices, shops and more!

Our Process Guide

Front Desk/Reception

Registering new guests, rooming a guest, extending a guest’s stay, changing a guest’s room, making reservations, handling payments, checkouts ..

Food and Beverage

Table reservations, greeting and seating guests, presenting the menu, taking an order, explaining portions, suggestions and recommendations


Handling complaints, advising on restricted areas, checking credentials, showing guests to reception, offering service, assist departing guests .


Helping guests get in and out of a car, directing cars, showing guests to reception, recommending local places to visit, greeting and departing guests


Entering guest’s rooms, checking the minibar, packing and unpacking luggage, collecting guests laundry, demonstrate how to use something

Telephone Operator

Answering the telephone, saying that the line is unclear, connecting the caller, giving a message to a guest, interrupting a guest, blocking calls

  • Job Specific
  • Build Confidence
  • Accurate Observation
  • Created by Experts
  • Broken Down Language

Why our Hospitality Training

5 Reasons to Train with Us

These intensive hospitality English training and books are for the development and practice of English language skills required to meet the needs of an international hotel and organizations. Our courses cover a broad base and can be adapted to suite the individual requirements of any hotel or business.

Hospitality English Language Training

Contact us today for more details on our Hospitality English Language Training courses and start improving effective communication within your hotel or organisation! We are able to tailor our materials to suit almost any organisation!