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Let’s get you healthy in our Singapore corporate boot camp and fitness event. We offer a range of bespoke exercise, group training programs to inspire a healthier lifestyle, while encouraging each other to achieve your goals. Corporate boot camp offers the best way to get fit while having fun in the great outdoors! A key to our members’ fitness is the motivation provided by our professional instructors.

Starting with a light warm-up, you’ll have to race with your team across a course, to see who has the quickest legs or at least who has had the most practice at fence hoping!

Event Duration: 2-3 hours (half day event only)
Group Size: 25 persons – 200+ (dependent on location)
Location: Anywhere across Singapore although we recommend a local park location.
Benefits: Shared goals, balanced participation, leadership and exercise.

Boot Camp Singapore Instructors

Don’t worry as there’ll be nobody screaming at you. Our boot cam events have been created to give you a better insight into how to get in shape.

It does however, require a little determination, and your mental and physical limits may be tested.

We believe physical exercise should be fun and more organisations today understand the need to improve their team’s health and fitness.

Corporate boot camp is slightly different to the regular kinds as you get to work out with your colleagues and compete with each other.

You also develop relationships with your colleagues through friendly competition, and support each other along the way.

Boot Camp Singapore health Check

Visit your doctor and discuss any workout plan before you start any kind of rigorous training.

This is especially important if you have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or other kind of health issues.

Working with your doctor before starting your new exercise program also ensures there are no underlying issues that could negatively impact your regimen.

Should you wish something not so energetic but would like to get outside check our our Singapore Amazing Race team building activities.

Quotations are inclusive of:

Prize for the winning team member, health instructor, consultants, MC, professional photographer and any additional required materials.