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Learn how to juggle, balance and entertain as circus clowns with our circus act team building entertainment events. A corporate show created to entertain while developing creativity, communication and teamwork.

Each team member participates in a fun circus show with amazing acts including clowns, balancing, juggling and much more.

This fun Singapore circus event starts off with teams creating their very own circus poster. Each work or art is supposed to grab attention by adding loads of rich colours including your own teams faces.

Event Duration: 4-5 hours (could be a full day event)
Group Size: 25 persons – 60 (depending on location)
Location: Anywhere in Singapore (in an open area)
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and serious fun.

Circus Team Building Singapore Activities

Teams then need to master the art of juggling, hula hooping and other entertaining circus acts. Don’t worry as we will provide the hoops, balls and sharp knives!

Create your own circus clown with the make up provided, including the red nose. Don’t worry as all the white paint washes off.

After the clown make up has been applied and the juggling practice is over, each team give their best performance including acts with animals.

Circus Team Building Singapore Animals

However! we don’t approve of any wild animals being exploited especially in a circus act. Many wild and exotic animals that are used for entertainment purposes suffer for their entire lives.

So what kind of animals will be performing in our Singapore circus team building? We’ll have to leave that until you book the event!

Circus Team Building Singapore Theatre

Round the event off with a fun ‘little people team theatre‘. This part of the circus act is guaranteed to give everyone laughs! Simply imagine a puppet show except for one difference. You are the puppets!

Quotations are inclusive of:

Clown paint, poster paint, hula hoops, canvas, balloons, wigs, hats etc. Prize for each winning team member,  consultants, facilitators, professional photographer and all associated materials and design. All this is included in your circus team building fun event.