Build a Walking Stick for the Elderly CSR Charity Event

/ / Build a Walking Stick for the Elderly CSR Charity Event

Build a walking stick is a CSR team building event created to help people living with a disability or suffering from mobility problems. This team building, charity Singapore event offers shared value to all participants.

Although most of Singapore’s buses and trains are wheelchair-friendly, there are still elderly that have difficulty in getting about. Let’s create, design and paint a beautiful walking stick in this fun build a walking stick CSR charity event.

Event Duration: 2-3 hours (dependent on group size)
Group Size: 60 – 200+ (suitable for even larger groups)
Location: Anywhere in Singapore (indoor location)
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and community spirit.

Build a Walking Stick Singapore Materials

This fun and creative workshop is an alternate option to our older ‘build a wheelchair‘ activity. Each team is provided the materials to create a beautiful walking stick.

This could be bamboo, wood or even PVC piping.

After each walking stick has been assembled they are then decorated in a unique design that represents each team.

Don’t worry as we supply all the materials which may be coloured tape, paints, brushes etc.

This could be your logo, corporate values, or something more abstract. When the walking sticks have been completed we introduce your group to a local charity organisation who will then donate them on your behalf.

Build a Walking Stick Singapore Donation

Depending on the charity organisation’s availability, we usually provide a brief and introduce the local organisation. Should you prefer to donate or visit the organisation yourself we can arrange this.

By becoming involved in CSR corporate social responsibility activities, your group has a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a cause that they may feel passionate about, which encourages growth with trust.

Quotations are inclusive of:

Walking stick materials or Wheelchairs (one per team), toolkits (screwdrivers, spanners etc.), budget for shopping challenge (if added to the event), a prize for each winning team member, consultants, MC, professional photographer and all materials and design.