Build a Teddy Bear CSR Team Building for Kids

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Build a teddy bear is a fun charity team building for kids event, promoting corporate social responsibility. Donate custom bears to under privileged children in schools, hospitals and orphanages around Singapore.

This is a more relaxed CSR team building charity event which guarantees a huge impact when you get to the donation phase!

Teddy bears come in all sizes and colours and it’s your task to build, stuff and donate these lovable toys.

Event Duration: We recommend around 4-5 hours for this event although this could be a full day event.

Group Size: Minimum 25 persons to over 100+ depending on your chosen location

Location: Anywhere across Singapore although we would require an indoor location.

Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Build a Teddy Bear CSR Singapore – Materials

We provide all the materials needed including sewing kits, bears and some branded fashionable clothing.

If you’re looking to bring a little more nostalgic charm to this fun Singapore activity, we can provide the more classic kind of teddy bear which are the traditional, brown coloured bears.

This is a fun interactive workshop in which a stuffed bear of your choice is assembled and tailored to your own team’s liking.

Build a Teddy Bear CSR Singapore Donations

The best part of this CSR corporate social responsibility event is introducing children to your created teddy bears, and watch them laugh and play with them.

That’s assuming the teddy bears don’t fall apart!

A briefing is also provided on the local charity organisation for future reference and not forgetting they would want to personally thank you.

Build a Teddy – Trivia Info

Did you know the name Teddy Bear was invented in honour of President Theodore Roosevelt?

While on a hunting trip a group of hunters invited Theodore to shoot a buy they had captured and tied to a tree. Theodore Roosevelt viewed this as extremely unsportsmanlike, and refused to shoot the bear.

Quotations are inclusive of:

Prize for each winning team member, toy bears and building equipment, transportation for children consultants, MC, and a professional photographer.