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Build a school bag is a Singapore charity event for under privileged children. This charity team building activity is focused on donations to local children which could include kids items such as toys, pencils and books etc.

Each team is given a selection of puzzles, clues and challenges and need to achieve them in order to purchase children’s items at a local store.

This is a great team building activity to get groups out and away from the conference room. Let’s be honest, everybody loves to go shopping. It’s even more fun when we provide the shopping allowance.

Event Duration: 2-3 hours (half day event only)
Group Size: Minimum 50 persons to over 200+
Location: Anywhere in Singapore (near a shopping centre)
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Build a Bag Singapore – Goals

The main goals to this event includes, helping others to feel good, and making a difference to an under privileged child, knowing what you did was worthwhile.

Perhaps you’d prefer to personally visit a local school, orphanage, or hospital. We have even had some teams donate to children on the streets!

Whatever you choose we can work with you and tailor this event to make it happen.

Build a Bag Singapore Donations

Donating items always makes a difference to those in need and this Singapore event provides food, school books, toys etc directly to under-privileged while having fun at the same time!

We are sometimes able to have children present, including a representatives to personally thank you for your wonderful Singapore donation.

Lastly, corporate donations allow you to take an active interest in your own community which can also lead to a huge boost in employee morale.

Quotations are inclusive of:

The prices quoted for Build a Bag would include , budget for shopping, prize for each winning team member, photographer, facilitators, MC, and all associated materials.