Build a Bicycle Singapore. Children’s CSR Charity Team Building Event

/ / Build a Bicycle Singapore. Children’s CSR Charity Team Building Event

Build a bicycle Singapore for children is a fun CSR charity event, where teams build a bike and donate to a local children’s charity in Singapore. These team building events are very rewarding and at times emotional. Build a bicycle is a fun CSR team building event which can be delivered anywhere in Singapore.

Build a Bicycle Singapore – Shopping

After we have divided your group into smaller teams, you venture to the local shops to purchase items for children. The good news is that we even provide you with a budget. Sorry ladies, no shoes or handbags.

Event Duration: 4-5 hours (half day)
Group Size: 30 persons – 300+(dependent on location)
Location: Anywhere (meeting room required)
Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Build a Bicycle Singapore – Assembly Phase

When your teams return, they will be greeted with a beautiful new bike – broken down into pieces! You guessed it, as the bikes will need to be assembled.

Fortunately we are able to supply you a toolkit just for the job!

Just to add a little more fun and challenge to the task, team members will be blindfolded. Don’t worry, we will conduct a safety check before donating the bikes.

Build a Bike Singapore – Donations

At the end of this truly rewarding, Singapore team building event, we will introduce the children with a presentation on who and where they come from.

If you wish we can work with your own charity organisation and if you don’t have one let us organise this for you.

The best part is at the end when we the children receive your bike and purchased gifts. If you wish you even get allocated a little time to play with them.

Fun Trivia Quiz

If you are unable to participate in the shopping challenge, we can easily set up an in-house quiz. This could be tailored around your products or services or perhaps some fun trivia.

Participating in CSR – social and community work has always been our priority. See our build a bicycle for kids Thailand event.

What better way to support orphanages and charity organisations than with a fun corporate activity

Quotations are inclusive of:

One bicycle per team, toolkits,  budget for the shopping challenge, prize for each winning team member, transportation for children, snacks for children, consultants, MC, and a professional photographer.