The New ... Excel Solutions Asia!

A posse of event organisers working together, to create memorable team building activities!

3 reasons you why don't want a team building event ...

Team Building is boring!

With almost 20 years experience we take pride in knowing you'll love our events.

We've done this before!

We believe in innovation which has made us bigger, better and stronger.

It's a waste of money!

Give us your budget and we will work with you on a cost effective event.

Does that sound about right? We understand team building games can be boring because we’ve been there ourselves.

Excel Solutions Asia Singapore

When we began ...

It was almost 20 years ago when we first started corporate team building. 

We started with the typical activities such as close-your-eyes-and-fall-backwards. We passed balloons. Even back then we got a lot of feedback and comments such as, I’ve done this before. or This is boring and we knew something had to change.

We knew back then that innovation and creativity were going to be the key to our future and success.

So our event innovation began. We went on to create a fun selection of activities that engaged and delighted teams – and we will never stop. 

We are constantly learning and innovating to keep you coming back for more.

Shouldn't Developing Teamwork be Creative & Fun?

Our Mission

Teamwork is an important investment that you can make for your employees to build trust, encourage communication, increase collaboration and much more.

Our team building games and activities don’t feel like another day at the office. Our team building events establish a direction for your organisation and empower you to achieve your desired business results.

Our Core Goals

  • Encourage listening and brainstorming
  • Set goals and provide a clear purpose
  • Encourage and facilitate effective communication
  • Assign roles to participating team members
  • Emphasise communication techniques that will build teamwork
  • Reconcile and resolve minor disputes
  • Recognise that all employee's ideas are valuable

Client Reviews

What our clients say?

Our success is not only measured by the quality of our team building events in Singapore but on the impact we have with your organisation.

"I really recommend Excel Solutions Asia. They have done a sensational job putting together our team activities over the past 2 years. Excel Solutions Asia will look after everything to ensure they deliver your activity as you want. They have a huge range of things to do and have a great eye for detail as well as a great team. I look forward to working with them again next year.​"​
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Ian Edward
CT Partners
"Excel Solutions had an extremely creative approach towards team building – we found them professional and open to customising the event to suit our needs. The team were extremely good at leading the group towards what to do, but leaving them space to use their own initiative to take things forward. What is most impressive is the range of options they had for different groups ..."
Nidhi Sharma